Durantes Vincunt

Electrochemistry excellence since 1923

The secret of De Nora's success is encased in the company motto "DURANTES VINCUNT" - he who resists wins.

A simple sentence, said by Oronzio De Nora's father to congratulate his son at the end of a particularly testing exam, that has shaped the working life of Oronzio De Nora and the growth of the company.



2010 - 2015

De Nora consolidates its position as a key player in Chlor-Alkali by means of important acquisitions in Asia.

2010 - today

R&D focuses on innovative technologies and materials as the company targets new markets and applications such as hydrogen  production and water treatment 


A new strategy is implemented and strong industrial partners are identified to manage the plant business with De Nora focusing mainly on electrodes and coatings.


Several major commercial successes are obtained in different sectors thanks to the R&D activities of the previous years


De Nora extends its range of activities with a direct presence in China and acquires a major competitor in Europe


R&D tackles the development of Gas Diffusion Electrodes and the electrochemical recycle of HCl into Chlorine.


De Nora expands its operation with new factories in Asia and South America while the North American market is developed by Eltech, now De Nora Tech


DSA® industrial utilizations are widely expanded and new electrochemical processes are developed and commercialized. 


The DSA® revolution leads De Nora to enter the Japanese Chlor-Alkali market and establish the first Italian Joint Venture there 


De Nora innovation is recognized as a stepping stone in the entire Chlor-Alkali industries. DSA® metal anodes replace graphite anodes almost everywhere

1923 -'50

The pioneer of the modern electrochemistry puts the pillars of a recognized leadership as innovating company


From the discovery of a powerful disinfectant to the design of large industrial plant: a genius at work!