De Nora China

De Nora Elettrodi (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Known as De Nora China since 2005, De Nora Elettrodi (Shuzhou) is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) of Industrie De Nora serves Mainland China and Asian countries.

Located in Suzhou Industrial Park (Jiangsou - China), De Nora China has a coating, manufacturing and assembly plant able to satisfy customers ‘requirements both in terms of capacity and product specifications.


De Nora China is the center of excellence for production and assembly of all Water Technologies products.

De Nora China Qingpu

De Nora Elettrodi (Suzhou) Shanghai branch, known as De Nora China - Qingpu, is a manufacturing branch of De Nora China and  produces all Chlorine Engineers electrolyzers, using the electrodes coated by De Nora China.

The branch was formerly established in 2004 by Chlorine Engineers., Ltd. to serve the Chinese market with local manufacture of its IEM electrolyzers.

De Nora China Qingpu

De Nora China Jinan

Formerly Chlorine Engineers (Shandong) Co. Ltd,  De Nora China Jinan is a maintenance branch of De Nora China and performes all maintenance  and retrofit services for all IEM technologies to Chinese Chlor-Alkali producers.

The branch was formerly established in 2012 by Chlorine Engineers Shanghai, Ltd. to serve its installed IEM capacity in China.

De Nora China Jinan

DE NORA CHINA (De Nora Elettrodi Shuzhou)

113 Longtan Road - Suzhou Industrial Park
215126 Suzhou City Jiangsu Province CHINA
Tel. +86 512 62831001
Fax +86 512 62652108

De Nora China Jinan

Bldg. 3, No. 5436, Wenquan Rd, Lingang Development Zone
250107 Jinan CHINA