Membrane technology

Membrane technology uses brine and electricity with a proton exchange membrane separator between anode and cathode electrodes to create chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen

The membrane cell electrolyzers manufactured by De Nora are typically operated under a slight positive pressure, allowing customers to use the chlorine gas generated to produce sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) without the need of expensive gas compressors or fans. 

Our cell stack technology provide also:

  • an increased internal circulation
  • a better current distribution across the active membrane area
  • lower cell voltage over the life of the electrolyzer at current densities up to 6 kA/m2, although even higher current density has been demonstrated
  • minimize the investment for the cell room area, reducing the piping requirements and a more cost effective transformer and rectifier design

De Nora technology represents an ideal alternative for regional bleach production or on-site chlorine manufacturing, eliminating the risks associated with handling liquid chlorine.


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of anode and cathode elements for::

  • Uhde electrolyzers
  • CEC electrolyzers
  • Asahi Glass/ Lurgi/ Asahi kasei chemicals/ DD Element


We perform recoating and mechanical repairs to the anode and cathode structure and we have direct access to original and reliable spare parts.

With our coating manufacturing plants distributed world-wide, we can minimize transportation anywhere in the world and, thanks to the availability of spare elements to be offered on a lease base, minimize the production losses during the recoating cycle.

At De Nora, we have developed recoating and repair procedure that include leak tests performed on 100% of the anodic and cathodic elements, thus assuring the 100% mechanical reliability of the recoated elements.

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