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  • Capital Controls® MicroChem®3

    De Nora Capital Controls® MicroChem 3 is a brand new innovation based on the expertise and history gained through decades of chlorine management and analysis. It combines the best features of our respected analysers and controllers to come up with an innovative solution you can tailor to your own water analysis and control needs.

  • De Nora TETRA™ wastewater filters

    One of the most trusted names in wastewater filters.

  • Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE)

    De Nora’s GDEs are suitable for use in fuel cells, HCl electrolysis and chlor-alkali production.

  • DSA® anodes for chlorine evolution

    From the chlor-alkali industry to water disinfection and water treatments, De Nora DSA® anodes are the invisible building blocks in thousands of products that make life healthier and more comfortable.

  • DSA® anodes O2 evolution

    Long service life, mechanically stable and fabricated into any shape: De Nora DSA® anodes for oxygen evolution have excellent performances and durability.