MicroDynamics Series OCS660
The MicroDynamics Series OCS660 open channel wastewater microwave UV system meets wastewater disinfection needs for a variety of dose, log reduction and water quality requirements. The MicroDynamics systems feature MicroPace™ a flow pacing technology that can match UV dose to operating conditions in real time to save energy.


UltraDynamics® ultraviolet disinfection systems are available in closed vessel horizontal configurations for drinking water applications. UltraDynamics drinking water systems are designed to treat up to 315 m³/hr or 2 mgd per system.

UltraDynamics ultraviolet disinfection systems are also available in a variety of open-channel horizontal and vertical configuration for indoor or outdoor installations in wastewater treatment applications. UltraDynamics wastewater systems are designed to treat up to 631 m³/hr or 4 mgd.

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