Renewable energy storage

Energy storage in batteries or chemical fuels such as hydrogen or synthetic natural gas (produced through water electrolysis) will be crucial to the worldwide large scale deployment of fluctuating renewable energies.

As the use of renewable energies grow and technologies mature, the market for storage will gradually increase, offering strong first-mover advantages to a range of potential stakeholders.

Among the different technologies that can be deployed as energy storage, Redox flow batteries and electrochemical generation of hydrogen  have been identified as “strategic”

At De Nora, we are therefore focusing our R&D on:

  • pure flow batteries (hydrogen / bromine, and other redox couples),
  • hybrid flow batteries (zinc / bromine)
  • metal / air batteries.

Regarding water electrolysis, strong efforts are currently being made on Alkaline Water Electrolysis for medium – large scale installations (> ≈ 50 Nm³/h as hydrogen generation capacity).


  • 17/04/2018

    McPhy announces with its technological partner De Nora a long-term supply agreement of advanced electrode packages

    • Through the introduction of the proprietary electrodes of De Nora inside the high-pressure water electrolysis of McPhy, the quantity of hydrogen produced doubles with the same stack size and specific energy consumption. • An unrivalled electrolysis platform offering key benefits for clients: high energy efficiency, reduced foot print, drastic improvement of competitiveness. • McPhy can now respond to the different needs of Industry, Transportation and Energy sectors with systems ranging from few MW up to 100 MW and over. • This new generation of alkaline water electrolysis has already been selected by major industrial players.

  • 13/04/2018

    AGFA and De Nora sign a technological partnership

    De Nora and AGFA join efforts to launch proprietary low voltage, high current density alkaline electrolysis solution using AGFA’s diaphragm separator and De Nora’s proprietary DSA® electrodes

  • 19/01/2018

    AFC Energy and De Nora for longevity of electrodes

    Fuel cell specialist AFC Energy plc believes that longevity of fuel cell electrodes, developed with De Nora, has the potential to slash the cost of hydrogen power.

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