De Nora ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems have a strong reputation as the leading global technology provider with a proven track record of 3,000+ global installations. The ClorTec DN Gen II is the latest development from De Nora - offering even greater efficiency, control precision, easier operation and maintenance and a footprint up to half the size of other designs.


De Nora ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems have been designed, manufactured, installed, operated and serviced since 1995. The ClorTec® systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution, a chlorine equivalent, using three common consumables: salt, water and electricity. ClorTec® units range in capacity from up to 1 kg/day or 2 lb/day to 1,360+ kg/day or 3000+ lb/day, while ClorTec® systems are engineered and offered to meet any specified application demand. To meet varying application specific conditions, the ClorTec® units are available as component-based or skid-based packaged systems.

All new ClorTec® DN Gen II 
De Nora's new development, the ClorTec® DN Gen II, features market-driven innovations, designed to further increase operational efficiency, system control and precision and reduce system footprint.

Streamlined configuration and reduced footprint

Unique proprietary backboard design can be removed and located anywhere and mounting of duty and standby systems on the same frame reduces footprint by up to 50%

Simple Operation and Maintenance

The new design allows 100% access to all components, new control system for acid washing assist and a simple process flow arrangement

Control precision and efficiency

Unique optional split flow design reduces hypochlorite production byproducts and improves efficiency, reducing operating costs

ClorTec On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators