The stringent environmental regulations, the global trend of water scarcity and the increasing demand for cleaner and safer water are forcing the industry to rethink the water, both in terms of treatment and management. Chemical saving, increased performance, water recycle and reuse are mandatory tasks for a cost effective solution. Today we are committed to sustain this new age actively, contributing our DSA® anode technology along with other electrochemical solutions and advanced oxidants to perform green, effective and sustainable processes.

De Nora Water Technolgies designs and manufactures electrolytic systems for onsite oxidant generation, converting halide ions present in seawater, saline and estuarine waters into reactive oxidants. Such systems have been installed worldwide to provide economical solutions for controlling bio-fouling and performing oxidation in cooling tower power plants, offshore platforms, oil and gas production and wherever a safe treatment of water is required.

A wide product assortment for customer worthy solutions.

In our portfolio, we have several products targeted to the generation of a selected species or a miscellanea of oxidants:

  • Hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Other halide derivates
  • Ozone
  • Radicals 

Advantages offered 

  • Focus on the process and customer needs
  • Cost effective treatment for water and wastewater remediation
  • Power oxidant molecules available on demand
  • Long anode lifetime
  • High efficiency