ClorTec® 现场次氯酸钠生成系统,知名度高,是全球领先的技术供应商,全球已经验证的可追溯装置达 3,000 多处。


ClorTec® 现场次氯酸钠生成系统自 1995 年开始设计、制造、安装、运行和服务。ClorTec® 系统生成 0.8% 次氯酸钠消毒液,与氯的功效相当,其原料为三种常见消耗品: 盐、水和电。ClorTec® 装置的容量范围包括从 1 千克/天 或 2 磅/天 到 1,360+千克/天 或 3000+磅/天,ClorTec® 系统设计且提供用于满足特定的应用需求。为了满足不同应用的特殊情况,ClorTec® 装置有基于组件或撬装系统可选。


Streamlined configuration and reduced footprint

Unique proprietary backboard design can be removed and located anywhere and mounting of duty and standby systems on the same frame reduces footprint by up to 50%

Simple Operation and Maintenance

The new design allows 100% access to all components, new control system for acid washing assist and a simple process flow arrangement

Control precision and efficiency

Unique optional split flow design reduces hypochlorite production byproducts and improves efficiency, reducing operating costs

ClorTec On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators