De Nora: E-News - September 2018

The De Nora Water Technologies newsletter delivers tips, best practice, and sound advice from evaluating a new technology to effective system operation and maintenance.

In this issue:

Market Comment: Ballast Water Price Water

Following the enforcement deadline for the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) there has been a great deal of movement by owners and manufacturers alike. Dr Stelios Kyriacou comments in this article about the latest trends and information that owners are requesting. More


Q&A: How To Destroy Pathogens And Micropollutants With Ozone

Utilities continually face new challenges. Where treatment facilities were once expected to simply disinfect the water, they must now avoid creating disinfection byproducts during the process.  New and more stringent regulations require removal of additional micropollutants and emerging contaminants. Finding the best technology to accomplish these goals can be difficult.

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Market Comment: The great Permian produced water ponzi scheme

Bryan Brownlie, Managing Director - De Nora Water Technologies Texas, discusses whether produced water recycling is just a reverse Ponzi scheme. Read more here

Case Study: Cobb County Expands "excellent production of potable water” with New ClorTec® DN OSHG System

After installing a ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite system, CCMWA determined the need to expand the system by adding a third onsite generator employing the latest development from De Nora. Read more here to learn about their experience.



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Product promotion: OMNIPURE Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment 

In each issue, we feature a new product development or promotional offering that making a difference to our customers' operations. In issue 2, our focus is on OMNIPURE™ Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment Systems.


The all new OMNIPURE™ Series 64 system is the newest and most advanced offshore marine sanitation device. The easy to operate systems have maintained the "key features" of the original OMNIPURE™ design while incorporating minimal maintenance, simplified operations, compact design and a completely hands off solids management process.

  • Easy to operate
  • Smaller footprint and weight than alternative solutions
  • Trusted supplier to over 2,000 installations globally
  • Easy to install
  • Compliant: Type Certification to IMO MEPC.227(64) by Bureau Veritas

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