De Nora: E-News - June 2019

The De Nora Water Technologies newsletter delivers tips, best practice, and sound advice from evaluating a new technology to effective system operation and maintenance.

In this issue:

Vlog: Welcome from the DNWT CEO

We welcome Dr Mirka Wilderer as De Nora Water Technologies' new CEO. In each issue she will give her insight on a key industry issue. Watch the first video below to see what her first impressions of De Nora are over the first 100 days with the company.


From MIOX to De Nora - an integration journey: Tom Muilenberg, De Nora Product Technology Manager

Following the acquisition of MIOX Corporation by De Nora in Februrary, Tom Muilenberg gives his insight as a former MIOX employee about the process so far. To read the article click here


Q&A: De Nora MIOX

Bryan Brownlie - Managing Director, De Nora Water Technologies Texas - answers the questions you have asked about the reasons for the acquisition of MIOX Corporation, the status and what the future looks like. Click here to read.

Q&A: Choosing the right water disinfection

Today, there are a number of effective technologies available for the disinfection of water and wastewater, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the treatment process goals is fundamental to choosing the right disinfection option. Tom Muilenberg, Product Technology Manager, gives an overview of the applications and considerations for each option.

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De Nora's water ambition: CEO Interview

De Nora CEO, Paolo Dellacha, sat down with Paul Hasler from Global Water Intelligence to answer questions about the company's vision and goals and the progress of the integration of De Nora's most recent acquisitions .

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Welcome from Mirka

NEW PRODUCT: Capital Controls Chlorine Dioxide Generators

For generations, the Capital Controls® name has been synonymous with expert chlorine gas handling. And with hundreds of chlorine dioxide generator installations around the world, De Nora has leveraged that expertise to develop the new Capital Controls® G50 - a modern, flexible, and safe line of chlorine dioxide generators. The gas-chlorite system is designed for use with commercially available chlorine gas and 25-31% sodium chlorite. 

Capital Controls G50 Chlorine Dioxide

Advantage of the Capital Controls G50 include:

  • 40 years of chlorine dioxide experience
  • Inherently safe all-vacuum system
  • Up to 2,500 lb/day (50 kg/hr) on a single skid
  • Uses existing chlorine gas feed infrastructure
  • Does not form TTHMs, effective over a wide pH range, oxidizes iron and manganese


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