De Nora: E-News - September 2019

The De Nora Water Technologies newsletter delivers tips, best practice, and sound advice from evaluating a new technology to effective system operation and maintenance.

In this issue:

Vlog: In Touch with Mirka

In the second of the series, Dr Mirka Wilderer, De Nora Water Technologies CEO, discusses acquisitions at De Nora to give an update of the status of De Nora MIOX and De Nora Neptune and an indication of future acquisition plans.


Arizona treatment plant expands safe water disinfection

A decade ago, the town of Gilbert and the city of Chandler collaborated through an IGA on the building of the new Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant in Maricopa County, Arizona. Following population growth, a solution was required to service the needs of the growing community. Read the case study here


Chesapeake Bay Community Meets Space and Budget Requirements with New Arsenic Removal System

Chesapeake Ranch Water Company (CRWC) owns and operates the potable drinking water system and fire protection for approximately 4,000 homes and businesses over five square miles in scenic Lusby, Maryland. General Manager, George Hansen and CRWC Superintendent, Ned Prince, discuss how they successfully addressed elevated arsenic levels and met the regulations for drinking water quality. Read more here

Blog: Ballast Water Testing and performance monitoring – it’s time to debate

We are all acutely aware of the countdown to compliance. Much has been made of types of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) available, the pros and cons, the deadlines, the costs, both immediate and on-going. But we are yet to be told what is truly expected when it comes to regulatory compliance based upon ballast water indicative sampling and monitoring.

Dr Stelios Kyriacou gives his insight into the issues and next steps for resolving this problem for owners and manufacturers alike.

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FAQ: Mixed Oxidant Solution

Following the acquisition of MIOX Corporation by De Nora and the integration of ClorTec with MIOX, De Nora now offers on-site chemical generators for mixed oxidant solution. What exactly is mixed oxidant and how does it different from sodium hypochlorite?

Tom Muilenberg, Vertical Market Manager for De Nora, answers these questions and more.

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In Touch with Mirka

ClorTec Gen III

NEW PRODUCT: ClorTec Gen III - on-site sodium hypochlorite generators

The next generation of on-site sodium hypochlorite generators from De Nora will be unveiled at WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago from September 21-23. The ClorTec gen III offers some exciting benefits including 15% operating cost savings and proven low chlorate levels thanks to the innovative features within ClorTec systems.

  • Next generation of on-site sodium hypochlorite generators
  • Superior efficiency of 2.5-2.8 lb salt/lb FAC and 2.0 kWh / lb FAC generated
  • High control precision
  • Reduced footprint by up to 50%
  • Safest hydrogen management system
  • Patent pending technology ensures reduced chlorate levels


WEFTEC Annual Convention

Chicago, IL, USA
September 21-25


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 21-23

Aquatech Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 5-8


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
November 11-14


Shanghai, China
December 3-6