Electrodes ongoing development

Striving on continuous product innovation and process development for existing and future technologies

Electrodes domain is founded on electrochemistry, catalysis, semiconductors, materials science, surface science and metallurgy. Among others, the main applications are:

  • DSA® mixed metal oxide coatings for chlorine evolution in brines and hydrochloric acid
  • DSA® mixed metal oxide coatings for oxygen evolution in both acid and alkaline solutions
  • Metal and Metal oxide coatings for hydrogen evolution
  • Metal coatings (Pt, Pt alloys) for inorganic and organic chemistry
  • High overpotential coatings, oxides or diamond based, for Advanced Oxidation processes (AOP), ozone generation and organic synthesis
  • Gas diffusion porous electrodes for oxygen reduction or hydrogen oxidation in both acid and alkaline environment


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