De Nora Permelec Fujisawa

De Nora Permelec (DNJ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Industrie De Nora (IDN) after its acquisition by Mitsui in 2010, was established in 1969 as a 50-50 joint venture between De Nora and Mitsui to supply electrodes to the Japanese chlor-alkali industry. DNJ has one of the largest and best state-of-the-art coating production centers in the group as "De Nora Permelec Fujisawa factory" to supply electrodes not only for the chlor-alkali industry but also for several applications such as Cu and Al foil, Ni-EW, and so on. Fujisawa factory also hosts one of the company’s R&D centers, which can cope with the increasing scope of application and diversification of requirements like alkaline water electrolysis, fuel cell, and so on.

General contacts

Kanagawa 252-0816
2023-15 Endo, Fujisawa City Japan

Ph. +81 466 87 8831

How to reach us

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