De Nora India

De Nora India Limited is a company listed in India on National Stock Exchange of India Limited, with Industrie De Nora S.p.A. as its Ultimate Holding Company. De Nora India has a manufacturing factory and registered office located at Kundaim Goa (Goa - India) that can meet all the technical and professional expectations and requirements of regional customers both in terms of anode production and technical assistance.
De Nora India is the center of excellence for cathodic protection and brine chlorination.
Established in 1989 under the name of “Titanor Components Ltd” and subsequently renamed “De Nora India Ltd”

General contacts

Plot Nos. 184, 185 & 189,
Kundaim Industrial Estate
Kundaim, Goa 403115, India

Ph. +91 832 3981100

How to reach us

Follow the link to find our location