Purchasing conditions

De Nora Group is a network of companies with a global footprint focused on the environment and innovation. For this reason, our preferred partners can cover our worldwide demand and ensure continuity of supply thanks to multiple manufacturing sites while maintaining a sustainable and innovative approach to business.

Relationships are generally long-term and based on Frame contracts that provide flexible supply to all companies in the network, preferably under the same contractual conditions. Our expectations from suppliers include:

  • Global presence – or local superiority – to support our strategic business growth across regions
  • Consistency in delivery, service, and quality at competitive market prices 
  • Ability to innovate and aptitude for co-design 
  • Agile and flexible response to changing market requirements and supply disruptions
  • A sustainable approach to business with a focus on the environment and ethics

In return, De Nora Group offers opportunities for joint growth in innovative markets and leading hedge technologies along with a stable and rewarding partnership.

Pre-qualification procedure

Let us know what goods and services you would like to provide to the De Nora Group. Fill out the applicable questionnaires to get started.

The first step to becoming part of our team

Thank you so much for being so interested in becoming a qualified supplier to De Nora. By simply downloading the “Pre-Qualification Form,” you can let us know what goods and services you are interested in providing to De Nora Group and see if you meet our purchasing requirements.

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Suppliers' Data Protection Policy