Purchasing conditions

De Nora Group is a network of companies with worldwide presence. This is the reason why we prefer to work with supplier able to cover our demand around the world.

We used to negotiated global Frame Agreement so that the same conditions are applied to all DN companies.

Our supplier expectations include:

  • Global presence – or local superiority – to support strategic geographies and a broad variety of needs
  • Consistency in supply, service, and quality
  • Be able to support changes in De Nora’s demand or requirements.
  • Respond to inquiries promptly with clear, complete, and accurate information.
  • Expeditiously resolve any problems or supply disruptions, taking appropriate measures to ensure they do not recur.

In return, De Nora Group offers opportunities for large sales volumes globally and improved supplier reputation. As De Nora group works to achieve its corporate commitments and growth goals, we will create the benefit of growth opportunity for our suppliers.


Tell us about the goods and services you wish to provide to De Nora Group. Fill out the applicable questionnaires to get started.

The first step in joining our team

Thank you for your interest in becoming a De Nora-qualified supplier.  Simply download the  “Pre-qualification form” , you can tell us about the products and services you’re interested in supplying to De Nora Group and see if you meet our purchasing requirements.

Pre-qualification form download

Suppliers' Data Protection Policy