Issue #7 - February 2020

From the impact of anticipated regulation for Chlorates in drinking water, to emerging contaminants and the next steps for the implementation of rules around the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems, this issue features content to ensure you can stay ahead of the regulatory compliance curve.

We feature two interviews from Dr Mirka Wilderer, where she gives an insight into what she feels are some of the key concerns and themes in the field of water treatment at the moment. De Nora is active in providing clean water for the unconventional oil and gas market. The new video for this issue explains how our solutions help to minimise water use and provide safe sources of water.

Video and radio interviews

NEW VIDEO: ClorTec water disinfection for onshore oil and gas production

Ensuring optimal upstream and midstream operations in the production of hydrocarbon resources requires that waters associated with these processes are free from contamination by problematic oilfield bacteria. De Nora’s containerized ClorTec electrochlorination systems are designed to withstand rugged operational conditions and with a single purpose: reliable delivery of water disinfection chemistry anytime and anywhere.