April 01 2015


Signed a Joint Development Agreement with Electro Power Systems (EPS)

The French corporation Electro Power Systems S.A., forerunner in smart hydrogen-based systems for energy storage, announced today the signing of the partnership agreement with the Italian group De Nora, the largest worldwide supplier of noble metal-coated electrodes for the electrochemical industry

The joint mission of both companies reverts on developing a new improved alkaline water electrolysis technology particularly suitable for pressurized operations to be incorporated in ElectroSelfTM, the vertically integrated hydrogen battery developed by Electro Power Systems.

Electro Power Systems’ CEO, Carlalberto Guglielminotti, declared: “We are delighted for the achievement of this important agreement with De Nora. This joint development will strengthen our role of game changer in off-grid power generation, providing energy storage solutions integrated  with renewables which can provide clean electricity  at a cost lower than traditional generation”. 

“This new electrolysis technology- continues Emiliano Novo, Electro Power Systems’s Chief Technology Officer - will bring an increase of the round-trip efficiency of ElectroSelfTM by 23%”

“De Nora is committed to improve the value proposition of the electrochemical route to energy storage lowering capital and operating costs and improving performances. Thanks to this project with Electro Power Systems we will valorize our patented high performing electrodes at system level”, declares Luca Buonerba, De Nora’s Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer. 

About Electro Power Systems

Electro Power Systems (EPS),  a forerunner in smart hydrogen-based systems for energy storage,offers the market’s most accessible and cleanest solutions through its self-recharging technology vertically integrated into an open architecture. The solutions developed by EPS are coupled to the traditional ICT and electric grid and enable intelligent, scalable and sustainable distributed generation and energy management.

Founded in 2005, Electro Power Systems has facilities in Moncalieri (Turin) and Aosta in Italy and, together with BNC Corp., in Brighton, Michigan (USA). Over the last three years, the Group has been awarded as “World Technology Pioneer” by World Economic Forum and Clean Tech Forum.

For more information:  www.electropowersystems.com