October 10 2016


De Nora invests in Glass to Power: the new spin-off of Bicocca University which will produce photovoltaic windows

The new company, spin - off of the University of Milano - Bicocca, has been founded with the goal of industrializing the photovoltaic windows, innovative technology for energy production developed in the Department of Materials Science. 300,000 euro of capitalization and a potential market in Europe more than nine billion dollars

Milan - 10 October 2016 – The University of Milan-Bicocca has founded Glass to Power as a spin-off in order to industrialize an innovative product based on the Luminescent Solar Concentrators technology (LSC): plastic sheets in which are incorporated special nanoparticles that capture and concentrate sunlight, transforming common windows in semi-transparent solar panels able to meet the energy needs of a building. Glass to Power comes from a partnership between the inventors of this new technology, Professors Francesco Meinardi and Sergio Brovelli, Department of Materials Science, and the consulting company Management Innovation. The industrial development plan, based on the enhancement of a family of patents made by the scientific team of Milan-Bicocca on new nanomaterials classes, targets the manufacturing of windows that can generate power up to more than 50 W per square meter with no aesthetic impact on the buildings in which they are installed.

The forecasts show the market of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic booming in the coming years with annual increases of 30 per cent, reaching in 2022 the value of 26 billion dollars, 40% of which in Europe. In particular, the Zero-Energy Buildings (substantially autonomous buildings from an energy point of view, as required by the European Directives 31/2010 / EU and 2012 / 27 / EU which will come into force in Europe by 2020) segment will have the strongest growth, which is explicitly directed to the Glass to Power technology.

The spin-off to Power Glass has an initial capital of 300,000 Euros entirely funded by private and a large group of members, including De Nora, a world leader in electrochemical technologies, Karma, Famiglia Amodeo financial company, TEC, specialized in energy efficiency projects, and several individual members who believe in this adventure. The initial team of the spin-off has 7-8 people and as members of the Board of Directors: Meinardi Francis, President, Emilio Sassone Corsi, CEO, Alberto Cominelli, Chief Technology Officer of De Nora, Rosario Amodeo, Director and Founder of Karma and Guido Massari, TEC partner. Sergio Brovelli is the head of the company's Scientific Advisory Board.

The technology of these new generation LSC was recently selected as finalist in the R&D100 Awards 2016, considered by the international scientific community real technological innovation Oscar: the first time for an Italian invention.

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