April 17 2020


De Nora Expedites Manufacturing of MIOX® 2 Systems

MIOX 2 with Brine Tank

De Nora is pleased to announce that we have expedited the manufacturing of the MIOX® 2 sodium hypochlorite generator to help alleviate supply shortages of bleach used for a variety of purposes, including cleaning.

The MIOX® 2 is an easy to use, compact, fully automatic, on-site hypochlorite generator for use at any location. With its integrated brine tank, owners simply add a few bags of salt, connect it to a water supply, and plug it in. Within a few hours, the MIOX® 2 generates bleach for your use. The MIOX® 2 operates automatically, keeping an amount of bleach ready to use.

The MIOX® 2 is ideal for anyone that uses about four gallons of household bleach per day, or two gallons of industrial-strength bleach per day. De Nora has MIOX® 2 units available for immediate delivery.

To learn more about the MIOX® 2, click here