December 22 2020


Internet of Water De Nora Idea Challenge

Integrating digital innovation within the water treatment industry for a cleaner, safer, smarter tomorrow.

As a leading company within the water treatment sector, De Nora invites you to join our Idea Challenge to contribute your innovative, revolutionary, digitally-driven ideas to create change! 

Water is our most precious resource. We need it to be available always, everywhere, and anytime. Yet around the world, many locations experience water scarcity; furthermore, ensuring proper water quality is a difficult and tremendous challenge.  This is not just about everyday drinking water- think about the wastewater we release into the grid, or that we use for irrigation and industrial processes. We need to control those water “fingerprints” too!

Question: How can we do that? 

Answer: Integrate existing water treatment technologies with the digital world. We want a future where all water systems exchange information on the same connected smart grid. This can be accomplished by any digital solution you can think of, and this is where the Internet of Water De Nora Idea Challenge comes in.

What is the IoW De Nora Idea Challenge?
This is a call to start-ups, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, UI/UX designers, data scientists, software developers, and environmental enthusiasts, to make an impact while competing for cool prizes. Ignite forward change by developing ideas on how to leverage digital technologies (e.g. mobile apps, IoT, AR/VR, big data and analytics, etc.) within the water and wastewater treatment industry that will benefit our community and customers.

Challenge Categories:
Water Quality & Availability
Business Model Innovation
Digitally Enhanced Water Treatment
Simplification of Design, Operations & Maintenance

To learn more about the competition and register yourself/your team, please visit the competition page at: Internet of Water De Nora Idea Challenge