June 10 2020


De Nora recovers the sodium hypochlorite systems provided to the municipality of Codogno during the Coronavirus emergency

Mayor of Codogno pays tribute to De Nora for its valuable contribution during the emergency

Milan, Italy — June 10, 2020
The return of the hypochlorite generation systems that were loaned by De Nora to the Municipal Civil Protection Service for sanitation during the Coronavirus emergency took place today in Codogno.

Mayor of Codogno, Francesco Passerini and Cristian Carboni, Light Industrial Market Manager - De Nora, wanted to formalize the withdrawal of the generators to symbolize the end of the acute phase of the pandemic and the progressive return to "normal" of the town and of the Lodi area .

On March 6, in the midst of the expansion of the pandemic, De Nora had made four systems available for the production of sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach, as well as support for operators with training and the skills needed to use the equipment and to handle the produced solution.

The Civil Protection of Codogno and De Nora have worked in close collaboration from the start of the emergency to address the problems related to the shortage of bleach. The Civil Protection of Codogno has not only managed to satisfy its immediate need,  but has also extended its aid across the entire Lombardy region through to central Italy. The sanitizing solution produced by the De Nora systems, was distributed by many municipalities not only in the Lodi area, but also in the provinces of Crema, Bergamo, Brescia and Milan in order to help schools, associations, state agencies, clinics, hospitals and care homes.

Cristian Carboni, Light Industrial Market Manager - De Nora, commented: “My heartfelt thanks go to the volunteers, to the municipal administration of Codogno and to De Nora who offered their staff and production systems in Codogno as well as in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, the United States and other countries. Community responsibility, collaboration and working in unity are the traits that we all need to exhibit so that Italy and the whole world can start again with the hope of a better society. De Nora, has a strong sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment, recognising the vital contribution it can make to the field of sanitation."

Video of the event