Electrolyzers and Cell Parts

De Nora is committed to satisfy all customers necessities even for old generation technologies licensed in the past for chlorine and caustic soda production. This service is appreciated since it extends the lifecycle of production sites where conversion to latest technologies are non-economical.

Nowadays we are still producing on demand complete chlor-alkali electrolyzers, monopolar and bipolar elements, components and accessories of different licensors in order to keep these older generation technologies running with the proper efficiency and in full safety. 
Glanor® elements design has been improved and are available to be utilized with the proprietary PMX® non asbestos diaphragm;  all the key cell components such cell bottoms, cathodic cans and hoods with improved performances and duration suitable to be installed in MDC and Hooker diaphragm cell rooms are available on demand. 

MGC elements are available in their different configurations to satisfy the needs of the several installations still using this solid technology licensed in the past by Eltech and Oxytech.

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