Other Components

Diaphragm Technology


De Nora has developed three new anode technologies:

  • LVA – Low Voltage Anode – that offers up to 70 mV structural savings if compared with the standard “expandable” electrode;
  • Duplex can provide similar advantages if added to existing anodes;
  • ESA – Energy Saving Anode – that shows an addition voltage saving when installed in combination with our proprietary PMX® separator.

Besides this De Nora has a wide and long experience in MMO anodes coatings.


Through authorized suppliers, De Nora offers several different voltage-saving cathode choices that have been proven in service for many years.
Among these are the ATC™ cathodes and the bump plate cathodes, which utilize special steel or copper internal components that provide significant voltage savings. In addition, many customers have found they can either save additional voltage or even add capacity by increasing the active area with low current density assembly designs.

Other components

De Nora continues to look at every component of a diaphragm cell to reduce operating costs and increase cell life. Examples include the TIBAC™ anode, PROXIMA (Materia, Inc.) / Telene (Rimtec Corporation) resins for cell tops and long-life gasket material.


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