DSA® anodes O2 evolution

Long service life, mechanically stable and fabricated into any shape: De Nora DSA® anodes for oxygen evolution have excellent performances and durability.


The development of several Industrial electrolysis processes and technologies were dramatically  improved thanks to the introduction of De Nora DSA ® anodes suitable for these processes.

The application of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode coatings to oxygen-evolving processes contributed to obtain high quality products while substantially reducing power consumption and use of additives in several industries, starting from galvanic processes to copper foil production and Printed Circuit Board  manufacturing, thus contributing to advance the performances of our electronic apparels and batteries.

Various anode structure have been developed by De Nora over the years to match the industry requirements. Today we produce anodes in all kind of shapes: sheet, mesh, rod, strip, plate, wire, tubular or combinations thereof. Their size varies from few cm² to several m². The process in which the anodes are used determines their size, shape and coating specification.

Size and shape are determined by:

  • The electrochemical cell or installation wherein the anodes are used.
  • The process conditions, such as electrolyte composition, temperature, current density, design life, etc.
  • Mechanical load of the anode.
  • Electrical conductivity of the base material.

Applications of oxygen-evolving anodes:

  • Electrogalvanizing
  • Electrotinning
  • Metal electrowinning
  • Printed circuit board
  • Copper foil production
  • Water electrolysis
  • Water treatment
  • Cathodic protection
  • Surface finishing:
    • Decorative plating
    • Hard plating
    • Rhodium plating, gilding
    • Copper plating, nickel plating