HCl electrolysis

Electrolysis of hydrochloric acid with bipolar membrane cell and Oxygen Depolarized Cathode (ODC) technology

De Nora, UHDENORA S.p.A. and Bayer Material Science AG have developed and industrialized this innovative technology in a partnership with ThyssenKrupp Electrolysis GmbH, generating high level of energy saving (~ 30%) through the combination of the metallic bipolar membrane cell with the Oxigen Depolirized Cathode (ODC) technology

To enable this innovative technology, De Nora established a wide range of manufacturing capability with most modern production equipment.

On this basis, we manufacture the anodic and cathodic coatings, the metallic bipolar membrane elements as well as the ODCs with the higher and reproducible quality level. 



High Performance


Proven product reliability

Up to now, we have produced more than 45,000 m² of bi-polar metallic elements with anodic and cathodic coatings and over 25,000 m² of ODCs.
Besides the manufacturing of products for new plants, repair and recoating services are important points for supporting our customers with the maintenance and a smooth operation of the plant. 

Service and maintenance

Our  worldwide presence and our flexible company structure enables us to react quickly and to offer reactivation services based on customers’ needs, minimizing turnaround times. Quality of work and costs are the key factors in maintenance and recoating of the bipolar metallic elements. De Nora has developed a process ensuring a significant reduction of such maintenance costs guaranteeing the highest quality. 

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