Nickel and Cobalt Electrowinning

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De Nora pioneered the innovative supply of mixed metal oxide (MMO) titanium anodes for the nickel and cobalt chloride leach electrowinning process and continuously develops improvements to manufacture innovative and cost-effective coatings for mixed chloride/sulfate electrolytes.
Nickel and cobalt are indispensable materials for cutting-edge electronic technologies, batteries, aerospace applications and for the production of special steel and alloys. Our DSA® anodes continue to be selected by leading refineries and mining companies for the production of high-grade electrolytic cathodes.

We offer anode package structures designed for product sustainability:

  • Proven coating lifetime & stability
  • Durability in handlng and operation
  • High plant current efficiency to produce cathode quality
  • Optimum electrocatalyst utilization
  • Structures suitable for recoating
  • Lower lifecycle cost

Discover more about our offering

Our business model is driven by service and made available to customers and partners through our research and manufacturing infrastructures

  • Laboratory tests for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Development and optimization of customized De Nora DSA® anode coatings
  • Engineering solutions with De Nora DSA® anodes
  • Pre and post sales technical assistance provided
  • On-site monitoring of residual catalytic activity – preventive maintenance
  • Recoating services

Operating efficiency and product quality are primary areas of focus for De Nora’s research; our expert teams strictly collaborates with customers to identify potential saving opportunities, costs optimisation initiatives and to improve MMO anodes utilization.