Sodium Chlorate processes

Our commitment is the development of modern solutions to ensure competitiveness to our customers, through better performances in terms of energy savings (low oxygen, low cell voltage), product quality and environmental impact of their productions.

We are one of the major supplier of anodes for sodium and potassium chlorate production, used by Pulp and Paper Companies as environmentally-friendly bleaching agent (Elemental Chlorine Free Process).

Our Company offers a high level of specific know-how in design and manufacturing of cells and anodes for chlorate production.

De Nora's portfolio and services can be listed as:

  • Manufacture of DSA® electrodes
  • Manufacture of high performing catalytic coatings for anodes
  • Refurbishment and repair capabilities

De Nora currently has strong ongoing agreements with major technology and process owners in this field.

Our company, thanks to its worldwide presence with facilities distributed in Europe, Asia and Americas, is capable to provide any kind of service to the customers.