DE NORA TETRA® is the choice for rugged and reliable media filtration systems. We have extensive reach with >1300 DE NORA TETRA® biological and tertiary wastewater filters worldwide; including some of the largest deep bed denitrification filters, and our LP Block is used at the largest desalination plants in the world

Water and Wastewater Filtration

Small Footprint / Compact Design

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Cost Saving

Regulatory Compliance

Reliability / Equipment Longevity

With experience rooted in steel mills and municipal wastewater filtration, DE NORA TETRA® has reliably delivered filtered process, drinking, effluent and reuse water to a variety of applications worldwide for over 70 years.

Proprietary design enhancements have led the industry with best available technology for DeepBed™ granular media filtration, and Denite® biological filtration processes.

With the extensive knowledge and global support network provided in each system – DE NORA TETRA® is a recognizable choice for reliable and trusted water filtration. 

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