ELGARD® MMO Anodes are the ideal solution for Cathodic Protection of Steel-Reinforced Concrete.

Steel-reinforced concrete is a strong, reliable structure that can withstand intense environmental exposure. But moisture, chlorides, carbon dioxide gas, and other aggressive agents can (over time) penetrate concrete, causing corrosion of the reinforcement bars. Rust on the rebar expands, causing pressure that cracks and weakens the concrete infrastructure.

ELGARD® mixed metal oxide (MMO) on titanium anodes is the key to using cathodic protection to prevent the corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete structures.

Since the mid-1980s, ELGARD® MMO anodes have been used to prevent corrosion and increase the life of:

buildings, bridges, stadiums, parking garages, monuments

power generation cooling towers, marine structures, dolphins

piers, wharves

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Engineers are challenged to design systems that effectively prevent the corrosion of concrete. ELGARD® MMO anodes for cathodic protection are embedded in the concrete matrix, making them highly customizable to the unique needs of each concrete structure. With decades of experience, De Nora has created anodes and ancillary products that allow cathodic protection engineers the ability to design cost effective and efficient cathodic protection systems.

ELGARD® MMO anodes are manufactured using a proprietary process that offers an expected design life of more than 100 years at full rated current output. ELGARD® customers are confident knowing that stringent quality control is maintained at all times.

ELGARD® MMO anodes are NACE International TM0294 certified. Extended testing of Embeddable ICCP Anodes for Atmospherically Exposed Steel-Reinforced Concrete (80 4240 01) shows ELGARD products can perform at twice the lifetime (80 years) as this certification requires.

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