Hyde Guardian®

Hyde GUARDIAN® UV Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) are a reliable, economic, flexible and easy-to-install solution for your ballast water treatment needs.

Hyde Guardian®

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Installation Flexibility

Taking a system designed to treat a city’s worth of water and shrinking it down to fit on a ship is challenging. Making that system usable to an already overburdened crew is even harder.   

Fortunately, our commitment to the maritime industry began more than 100 years ago. As pioneers in water treatment and UV technology, supported by our diverse BWMS, shipowners and operators have options in choosing the best water treatment system for their vessels.   

With the Hyde GUARDIAN-Universal Service (US), operators can know exactly how their system is performing – no matter where the vessel is located and whatever the water quality. Through our Global Service Center, we can provide the level of service needed – both remote and onboard – because we understand service may be required at anytime, anywhere.  And in the complex world of BWMS, regulations, data and guidelines are one-click away to the Hyde Marine Academy – making ballast water treatment as easy on your crew as it is tough on aquatic invasive species. 

Hyde GUARDIAN-US Advantages

  • Specially designed UV lamps minimize energy consumption and optimize efficiency while meeting discharge standards. 
  • Safe system - no disinfection byproducts 
  • Industry-exclusive TREATMENT ALARM to indicate when conditions are outside of the boundaries demonstrated during type approval testing  
  • Intuitive design of the user interface makes operation simple for crews  
  • Remote access allows for simple integration with central automation systems when necessary and permits troubleshooting and repairs even before the vessel arrives in port 
  • Perfect for retrofit installations as well as new build vessels 

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