MicroChem® 450

Designed with the experience and history gained through decades of chlorine management and analysis, the MicroChem 450 is a single purpose Disinfection Controller. It is easily tailored to meet your unique instrumentation needs.

MicroChem® 450


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The MicroChem 450 Controller is a purpose configured instrument that is used to provide a disinfection control output signal from multiple process input signals.  Process input signals like water flow and residual concentration are applied to user adjustable pre programmed control strategies to automatically adjust disinfection feed rates.  Automatic process control with ability to fine tune to site conditions assures your process remains in control as water conditions change.  The MicroChem 450 Controller is used within De Nora Gas feed equipment but can also be adapted to other systems that utilize a mA control output signal

Why MicroChem® 450 Controller?

  • Large color LCD display showing process inputs at a glance
  • Fingertip access to most common controller settings of ratio and setpoint
  • Smart software only shows tuning parameters related to the selected control scheme
  • Intuitive software layout and touch screen display
  • 28 day internal datalogging built in
  • Includes six different language options

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