OMNIPURE® Series 64 G2

OMNIPURE® system includes three lines of field-proven electrolytic marine wastewater treatment designs – MC/MXMP, MARINER OMNIPURE® M55 and the recently launched Series 64G2 - that carries a legacy of more than four decades of advanced electrolytic treatment to the market. The OMNIPURE® Series 64 G2 offers a range of advantages for oil and gas customers for their wastewater treatment needs.


Advanced DSA® Electrolytic Treatment

Unique Design

Minimal Maintenance

IMO Certified

OMNIPURE® was the first Patented electrolytic marine sanitation device to serve the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas market. Rooted firmly on the successful De Nora DSA® electrode technology, the ‘Original’ OMNIPURE® brand continues forward representing an advanced oxidative treatment processes that are grounded in ‘field-proven’ reputation and reliability.

OMNIPURE®  system is based on three pillars of success - Innovation drives new features, listening to customers to meet their needs, and keeping a watchful eye on advancements that allow the OMNIPURE® apparatus to remain on the cutting edge of regulatory compliance.

There are many imitations of the electrolytic treatment process, but there can be only one ‘Original’ - OMNIPURE®.


OMNIPURE® Series 64 G2 System Highlights


  • Bureau Veritas Certification for IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64)
  • IECEx and ATEX Certification for hazardous areas

Easy to install

  • Smaller footprint and lighter-weight than alternative solutions
  • Minimal start-up activities required


  • No raw influent filters or screens to clean
  • No biological colony to maintain
  • No adverse effects by standard cleaning chemicals
  • Instant treatment via electrolytic treatment cell
  • Innovative electroflotation technology ensures water clarity
  • Reverse polarity electrode coatings help maintain cell health
  • Optional wet waste Centrifuge offers Class ‘B’ type dewatered waste for landfill disposal


  • Based on proven De Nora DSA® technology from an innovator with more than 90 years’ electrochemical experience including over 35 years in offshore oil and gas specifically

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