CECHLO® includes two electrochemical processes that can be differentiated through the type of feed supplied to the cells: salt brine and sea water.

Under the name CECHLO® De Nora presently commercialize electrolyzers designed for different EChem processes:

CECHLO® was initially developed as electrolyzer for the chlor alkali industry by Chlorine Engineers Japan (CEC) now part of the De Nora / tkIS joint venture tkUCE.
This world proven ion exchange membrane electrolysis technology has been licensed by tkUCE to De Nora that created a complete product family of electrolyzers devote to the sodium hypochloride or chlorine (and caustic) generation from brine or seawater.
The CECHLO® product family can be summarized as:

Model                       Feed           Product                          HYPO concentration
CECHLO® - MS     Brine        Gas Chlorine/Caustic/Hypo    Up to 12,5%
CECHLO® - IS       Brine            HYPO                                  5,0%
CECHLO® - NS     Brine            HYPO                                  1,2%
CECHLO® - M    Sea Water       HYPO                                  2000 ppm

Beside this CECHLO® have been evolved and deployed for salt splitting operation under the name: CECHLO® Series.
This electrolyzer can foresee two or three compartments cells (in this case an intermediate chamber between anodic and cathodic compartments is dedicated to the salt brine feeding to the cell) and is designed specifically for salt splitting application.
This technology is recently gaining momentum because suitable for “ZERO DISCHARGE” or “FULL RECYCLING” processes.
Anions and cations for possible CECHLO® Series applications are:

Cations:    Sodium, Lithium, Potassium, Tetramethylammonium, Hydrogen, Ammonium
Anions:    Halogens, Sulphate, Carbonate, Nitrate, Acetate, Phosphate

  • Examples:

Feed:    Lithium Chloride, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Carbonate, Lithium Sulphate
Product:    Lithium Hydroxide, Caustic and sulphuric acid, Caustic and CO2, Lithium Hydroxide
Applications:    Li Ion Batteries, Pulp & Paper Industry, Caustic soda recovery, Li Ion Batteries

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