For advanced water treatment needs, De Nora MIOX® on-site generators produce mixed oxidant solution and are optimized for challenging applications. This chlorine-based solution has all the oxidant power of sodium hypochlorite with additional treatment benefits of peroxide including biofilm removal, disinfection byproduct (DBP) reduction, improved taste and odor, and improved water clarification. Customers maintain more consistent control and residuals with lower doses.

The on-site generation of chlorine-based chemistries provides a safe, economical and effective solution for the treatment of water. For a variety of applications from drinking water treatment to microbiological control in cooling towers, on site generation lets you generate what you need, when you need it. Ensure the safety of your personnel and the surrounding community, generating a powerful and highly effective oxidant without the transportation of hazardous chemicals. Innovative technologies deliver low levels of chlorate byproduct formation at the highest efficiency available.

MIOX® on-site generation systems generate mixed oxidant chemistry using three common consumables: water, salt and power. On-site generators produce chlorine-based disinfectants when a solution of sodium chloride (salt + water) is passed through an electrolytic cell. This process converts the chloride ions present in the solution to either sodium hypochlorite or mixed oxidant solution, depending on the cell configuration. At the heart of every De Nora electrochlorination system are DSA® electrodes pioneered by De Nora



Produce up to 1,200 lb/day (544 kg/day) of mixed oxidant solution


Small footprint, easy to install and operate with minimal maintenance hours required including optional self-cleaning on some models

Maintenance and Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control capability helps ensure optimal operation and reduced on-site time

Modular Design

Modular electrolytic cells allow for system expansion in the same footprint

Optimized Design

Systems optimized for ease of use, reliability and performance

Pre-Assembled Package

Pre-assembled and factory tested package ensures simple installation and small footprint

MIOX® On-site Chemical Generators