Chlorine Dioxide Generators: Gas Systems

The Capital Controls® G50 series generators use commercially available chlorine gas and 25-31% sodium chlorite to produce chlorine dioxide for water treatment, making it ideal for applications where chlorine gas is used for primary disinfection.

Capital Controls G50 Chlorine Dioxide

For generations, the Capital Controls® name has been synonymous with expert chlorine gas handling. And with hundreds of chlorine dioxide generator installations around the world, De Nora has leveraged that expertise to develop the new Capital Controls® G50 - a modern, flexible, and safe line of chlorine dioxide generators. The gas-chlorite system is designed for use with commercially available chlorine gas and 25-31% sodium chlorite.

  • 40 years of chlorine dioxide experience
  • Inherently safe all-vacuum system
  • Up to 2,500 lb/day (50 kg/hr) on a single skid
  • Uses existing chlorine gas feed infrastructure
  • Does not form TTHMs, effective over a wide pH range, oxidizes iron and manganese

The patent holder for the original all-vacuum gas feed system developed in 1979 and used as the standard design worldwide today, De Nora developed the new G50 with the inherently safe all-vacuum gas feed technology. Additional safety features include process monitoring and interlocks. All components of the system are fully accessible and visible from the operator panel.

The Capital Controls G50 features accurate precursor feed and control with Chloromatic™ valves and real-time PLC based controls, ensuring optimal quality of produced chlorine dioxide with a >95% yield.

Systems produce up to 2,500 lbs/day (50kg/hr) of chlorine dioxide from a single generator and higher capacities are available with multiple systems. Capital Controls® gas feed, residual monitoring, emergency scrubbers and safety-related accessories complement the G50 chlorine dioxide generators, and chlorite-based systems are offered for applications where chlorine gas is not available.

Because it does not form TTHM or HAA disinfection byproducts (DBP), chlorine dioxide is ideal for pre-oxidation of surface water for drinking water applications. Chlorine dioxide oxidizes iron and manganese, is effective over a wide pH range, and does not react with ammonia. It is used for Legionella control, membrane pre-treatment and biofouling control, algae control, and disinfection / oxidation of ammonia-rich waters such as fish farming.