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In gravity filters, the underdrain is one of the most important components contributing to overall system performance and operation — whether a new filter design or retrofitting of an existing filter. De Nora Water Technologies offer DE NORA TETRA™ LP Blocks dual parallel lateral underdrain and the DE NORA TETRA U Blocks  underdrain for drinking water and desalination pre-treatment applications.



DE NORA TETRA™ LP and U block drinking water filter underdrains both offer advantages for operators including:

  • Low headloss
  • Easy installation
  • No moving parts
  • Even backwash distribution
  • Reduced backwash water
  • Lower operating cost
  • High resistance to uplift from the filter floor


Additional features for water filters with LP Block underdrains:

  • Efficient media cleaning at reduced operating costs - excellent distribution of backwash air/water
  • Reduced installation costs – wide profile design requires fewer laterals than most DPL designs, thus fewer joints, grout, and installation time
  • Lower cost of filter box - low height profile of LP Block allows for reduction of filter box depth
  • Easy maintenance, long life and simple installation
  • Simplifies retrofit of existing shallow filters, accommodates various air and water backwash schemes, and allows for greater media depth resulting in better filtration performance
  • Anchor-Rite® and GroutGrip features minimize buoyancy and offer increased adhesion to filter floor
  • Media retention plates simplify media replacement, allow for greater media depth, and prevent media from entering underdrain.

DE NORA TETRA™ LP Block DPL Filter Underdrain


DE NORA TETRA™ LP Block Installation


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