Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection

De Nora’s Capital Controls® original all-vacuum gas feed system was invented in 1960, introducing groundbreaking chlorination safety. With thousands of installations around the world and ongoing product innovation, De Nora gas feed technologies continue to be the unparalleled standard today.


As a pioneer in the field for nearly 60 years, the Capital Controls® name represents a reputation of reliability, built on an intimate knowledge of the science, technology, and applications and a history of listening to and responding to customer needs. As part of our commitment to innovation, the Capital Controls gas feed disinfection line now includes a cabinet series with a unique space-saving footprint and a sleek modern design, offering clearer distinction between models to simplify decision-making based on sizing needs.

Capital Controls® gas feed systems:

  • The trusted brand for global water and wastewater disinfection since 1960 
  • Pioneer of the all-vacuum feed chlorinator 
  • Safe, simple and reliable disinfection: chlorination, chloramination, dechlorination 
  • Gas feeders and instrumentation for chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and carbon dioxide, capacities to 10,000 lb/day (200 kg/h) and higher 
  • Custom engineered gas feed systems with a full range of vacuum and pressure feeders, cabinets, controllers, ejectors, vaporizers, gas detectors, and analyzers
  • Global support and partner network

De Nora Capital Controls® Documentation

Capital Controls Floor Cabinets

Series 4100B: Sonic floor cabinet to 60 kg/h

• Brochure 

Series 4200B: Compact floor cabinets to 150kg/h

• Brochure 

Series 5200B: Full size floor cabinets to 200 kg/h

• Brochure

Series 4100B, 4200B & 5200B

• Manuals • Parts Lists

Capital Controls Gas Feeders (Vacuum)

Series 480: Gas Feeder to 5kg/h

• Datasheet • Dimensional Drawings • Series 480 Parts List • Series 480 Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Series 200: Gas Feeder to 10kg/h

• Datasheet • Series 200 Parts Lists • Series 200 Operation and Maintenance Manuals 


• Brochure • Instruction Manuals • Parts List

NXT3000 High Capacity: 1000-3000PPD (20-60kg/hr)

• Brochure • Instruction Manuals • Parts List


Capital Controls Controllers

Series 1451: Controller

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists 

Series 1017B: Changeover Controller

• Brochure • Manual

Series 1041A: Changeover Controller

• Brochure • Manual


Series EJ100

• Specifications • Manuals • Parts Lists

Series EJ17

• Specifications • Manuals • Parts Lists

Variable Orifice Ejectors: 2-3-4" to 200kg/h

• Manuals • Parts Lists

High Capacity - Series EJ2000, EJ6000 and EJ800

• Manuals  Parts Lists

High Capacity - Series 806E063 and 806E065

• Manuals • Parts Lists

Capital Controls Gas Feeders (Pressure)

Series 600

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists 

Series WM2110

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

Series WM4900 (UK ONLY)

• Brochure • Manuals

Capital Controls Automatic Control Valves

Series 2000CV: Single input sonic control valves and wall panels to 60kg/h

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

Series 3000CV: Three input sonic control valves and wall panels to 60 kg/h

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

Series 70AV2000

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

Capital Controls Vaporizers

Series 71V3B

• Brochure  • Manual  • Parts list

Series 71P1100

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

71P11A Pressure Reducing Valve

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists • Standard Drawings

Capital Controls Gas Detectors

Series 1610B: Single Point Analog Gas Detector

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

Series 1620B: Multipoint Digital Gas Detector

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists

17CA3000: Multipoint Digital Gas Detector

• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists


• Brochure • Manuals • Parts Lists


Capital Controls MicroChem

• Brochures • Technical Sales Document • Manuals • Parts Lists

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