Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection

Capital Controls is a leading brand of gas feed disinfection technology. With more than 50 years’ experience and many thousands of installations globally, the company invented the all-vacuum chlorinator in 1960. It is now the standard solution for this type of technology.


Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection equipment includes chlorination, dechlorination/sulfonation, ammoniation & recarbonation equipment

  • Vacuum Gas Feeders (Manual & Automatic) up to 200 kg/h (10,000 ppd)
  • Pressure Gas Feeders (Manual/Automatic) up to 20 kg/h (1,000 ppd)
  • Automatic Gas Control Valves
  • Vaporizers up to 227 kg/h (12,000 ppd)
  • Custom Engineered Systems
  • Chemical Induction Units
  • Analysers, controllers and gas detectors

The Capital Controls advantage you can rely on is:

  1. Long history and expertise – we understand gas disinfection
  2. Reliable & robust solutions
  3. A trusted brand
  4. End-to-end solutions
  5. Global support channels
  6. All vacuum systems

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