De Nora Water Technologies offers a range of instruments for the monitoring, measurement and control of water processes including gas/leak detectors, online quality measurement systems, portable analysers and residual analysers all under the Capital Controls® and MicroChem® brand names.

Gas / leak detectors

De Nora Water Technologies’ gas and leak detectors provide continuous detection of chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide gas, protecting personnel and property wherever chlorine is unloaded, stored or used. Highly sensitive, the detectors monitor gas levels below U.S. OSHA requirements.

  • Capital Controls® Series 17CA3000 Chloralert™ Plus hazardous gas monitor
  • Capital Controls® Series T17CA4000 Chloralert™
  • The Capital Controls® ADVANCE™ Series 1620B multipoint gas detector
  • The Capital Controls® ADVANCE™ Series 1610B single point gas detector

Portable Analyzers

A comprehensive range of hand-held process-monitoring instrumentation for measuring and controlling the key parameters in the water and wastewater discipline. Designed for ease of use and maintenance simplicity, while offering advanced benefits of control and data acquisition.

  • The Colorimeter MD100 is available in two parameters: Chlorine (free and total) or Chlorine Dioxide.
  • The Capital Controls® Series 17T2000 can also be used to determine free, combined, or total chlorine residuals plus bromine, iodine, ozone, permanganate, and chlorine dioxide residuals.


The MicroChem® analyzer and controller gives you the flexibility you need to tailor your analysis and control requirements. Specifically designed for drinking and wastewater treatment plants and swimming pool applications, the MicroChem® instrument measures up to three of the following parameters: pH, ORP, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Conductivity, 4-20 mA, and Temperature (PT100). 

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Residual Analyzers

De Nora Water Technologies have been leaders in continuous chlorine residual analysis for over twenty years. Using proven amperometric technology, the company has a complete offering of chlorine analyzers, which provide accurate residual analysis for a wide range of monitoring and control applications


Capital Controls® and Chloralert Gas / Leak Detector

Series 1610B and Series 1620B: Analog Gas Detectors

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17CA3000: Multipoint Digital Gas Detector

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