De Nora MicroChem® is a brand new innovation based on the expertise and history gained through decades of chlorine management and analysis. It combines the best features of our respected analysers and controllers to come up with an innovative solution you can tailor to your own water analysis and control needs.


De Nora MicroChem® analyzers and controllers have been used extensively in many industries for water quality, biofouling,Legionella control, and other applications including:
• Municipal water and wastewater treatment
• Food and beverage production
• Power generation
• Leisure and swimming pools

The all new MicroChem® analyzer and controller can be combined with our proven range of wet ends to simultaneously measure and control any combination of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, ORP, conductivity, and 4-20mA e.g., flow.


MicroChem® Advantages

Advantages of the MicroChem® Analyzer and Controller include:

• The only solution with multiple parameters that can be used as an analyser, controller, or both at the same time. This means you only need a single instrument regardless of individual needs.
• USB connectivity gives you the flexibility to change setup and measurement parameters by simply plugging in to the MicroChem® analyzer
• Mutiple proven wet end measurement options to meet your unique requirements

Ease of Operation
• Simple set up and software updates using USB connector
• Data management options allow you to more easily manage and understand your plant operations. This includes email transmissions and data log downloads to USB
• Intuitive touch screen user interface
• Includes six different language options

MicroChem Literature

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De Nora MicroChem® water analyzer and controller

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