De Nora Water Technologies offers a unique approach to wastewater treatment on smaller vessel, workboat and yacht applications: MARINER OMNIPURE® marine sewage treatment units


MARINER OMNIPURE Series M55 features a bulkhead mounted arrangement – a first of its kind – that provides safe and effective treatment of gray and black water on board your vessel. The system results in wastewater effluent quality well within the MEPC.159(55) requirements.

The compact, MARINER OMNIPURE Series M55 system uses proprietary electrolytic disinfection technology. The system eliminates storage, handling and purchasing of hazardous chemicals normally required with other treatment technologies.

The MARINER OMNIPURE system is an economical and simple treatment solution to integrate into your vessel since it utilizes your vessel’s installed sewage and seawater pumps and in-place collection/ holding tanks.

Systems can accommodate treatment capacities up to 2,160 gallons (8,176 Liters) of human wastewater per day. The MARINER OMNIPURE Series M55 systems have received United States Coast Guard Approval and Bureau Veritas certification for IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55).

MARINER OMNIPURE® Series M55 Benefits

  • Accommodates varying crew complements
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to install, start up, operate and service
  • Eliminates storage, handling and purchasing of hazardous chemicals
  • No complicated or unsanitary pre-treatment of raw inlet sewage stream
  • No raw sewage screens, vibrators or filters to manage
  • Small footprint and weight
  • Silent operation
  • Unique bulkhead mounting design

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