DTPF series

Large-size ozone generators, designed to be fed via PSA or liquid oxygen.

The CAPITAL CONTROLS® DTPF range is the largest range of ozone generators from De Nora. Eleven different models produce up to 75 kg/h of ozone in concentrations between 2% wt and 15% wt. Flexible systems offer a range of features to ensure simple maintenance, maximum uptime and cost effectiveness.


• Systems produce up to 75 kg/h of ozone covering the majority of applications

• Ozone concentrations between 2% wt and 15% wt

• Air, PSA, and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) feed gas options – all optimized to minimize power consumption requirements

• Options include full systems, including air dryers and filters (for air feed gas systems) or single components

• Fused and/or electronic control options delivers greater control and cost advantages

Ease of use and operation
• Plug and play/fully automated system – Simple start up and ease of use

• Touch screen operation – easy to operate

• Standard inverter makes obtaining spare parts easier

Effective and efficient operation
• Complete process instrumentation to ensure reliable ozone production

• Profibus-Modbus-Ethernet extensions available – improved monitoring and control

Secure and safe

• System instrumentation for safe operation

• IP54 ingress protection compliant – ensures protection and long life of your equipment

• Fully tested and certificated

• Robust dielectric offers improved reliability over other designs

Easy installation
• Compact designs ensure ease of integration, installation and management with your existing facility


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