With its flexible footprint, ease of operation and significant economic benefits, the De Nora US Coast Guard Type Approved BALPURE® electrolytic disinfection ballast water treatment system is the preferred method of ballast water treatment among ship owners and managers


De Nora BALPURE® ballast water treatment offers new and retrofit vessels with a reliable treatment solution to comply with the most stringent ballast water regulations.

The De Nora BALPURE® system’s unique slip stream treatment approach allows the system to be remotely mounted away from the ballast lines and split into small sub-assemblies to minimize other equipment relocation and additional engineering/ship re-designs. This slip stream technology approach allows for operation in low-salinity, low-temperature water quality environments.

The general formula for generating hypochlorite is simple:

Salt + Water + Electricity --> Sodium Hypochlorite + Hydrogen

BALPURE® Advantages

  • USCG Type Approved
  • Suitable and IMO Type Approved for all water conditions (seawater, brackish and fresh water)
  • Reliable and flexible solution for both retrofits and new builds
  • A proven partner and design
  • Unique self-cleaning electrode design minimises maintenance requirements
  • BALPURE® concept and design has been rigorously tested to ensure it remains a trusted solution.

De Nora is a market leader in electrochemical disinfection systems with more than 95 years’ experience.

Designed for Tankers and LNG Carriers
The BALPURE® system design and treatment approach is especially advantageous for crude oil tankers (COT), chemical/product tankers, LNG/LPG carriers, bulk carriers and VLOC. BALPURE accommodates ballast water treatment for vessels ranging from 400 to 20,000 m3/h.


Safety is a Priority
BALPURE® BWTS hydrogen management system ensures that this electrochlorination byproduct is removed before reaching the ballast tanks thus guaranteeing a high degree of safety as acknowledged by the US Coast Guard.

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De Nora BALPURE® ballast water system

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