SEACLOR® systems are the standard and preferred electrochlorination unit for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations using seawater for cooling or other process needs all over the world.


De Nora SEACLOR® systems range in capacity from 500 to 50,000 lb/day (10 to 900kg/hr), per train. De Nora Water Technologies supplies SEACLOR® systems pre-assembled or pre-fabricated to the maximum possible extent compatible with transport and handling limitations. Systems are designed for continuous and unattended operation and require only periodic monitoring.

SEACLOR® systems consist of electrolytic cells of modular construction; these are combined in an electrical and hydraulic series and fastened together to form an electrode assembly, which is placed in a cylindrical electrolyzer body. A unique feature of an electrode assembly is the ease of replacement of the electrode package installed in the electrolyzers; it can be inserted or removed from the electrolyzer body in a short time without need for special tools or specialized mechanics.

Electrolytic cells are bipolar in design. This means that the cathodes of every cell are directly connected to the anodes of the next cell. The electrolyzers operate under constant seawater flow rate while the D.C. current is adjusted so that the generation of chlorine instantaneously matches the water treatment demand.

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