Laboratory and product testing

Our people and research centers joint together, driving innovation

De Nora’s laboratories are equipped with all the main instruments for characterization and tests on electrodes.
Our Laboratory Cell Rooms and Pilot Electrolyzers Laboratories allow the qualification of the electrodes prepared in lab, as well as of industrial prototypes, production, retainers operated samples from the field. 
The laboratories are the place where the researchers can supply support to the customers of the affiliates all over the world either for technical assistance either for solving specific problems.
Our tests run unattended 24/7, while monitoring systems allow to record all test parameters during time as well as secure safety.
In Italy, Japan and USA, our cell rooms host more than 900 cells on a surface of 2500+ mq.


Thanks to the experience of our technicians, most advance technical instruments available and the development of customize analytical procedures, our analytical and testing departments can answer the most diverse scientific requests. Our researchers' team, located in Italy, USA and Japan can answer to many different requests arise by the customers following the development step by step in direct collaboration from the demand to the implementation of the technologies or until providing the products ready for the installation.
Our analytical departments handle around thousand analysis requests per year performing both chemical and morphological investigations.
The chemical analyses are carried out using instrumental and analytical techniques with wet chemistry methods, to provide quantitative answers on the types and composition of elements forming solution and mixture, solid salts or gases. 
Our testing departments include accelerated life testing facilities that count more than 500 stations for chlorine and oxygen evolving electrodes used for new application evaluation, manufacturing QC and troubleshooting. Mainly in Discovery Lane (USA) and Okayama (JP) laboratories we have designed different types of cell for Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE) testing in order to obtain basic data on electrodes, separators and electrodic packages in general, under accelerate life testing conditions. These cells are used for De Nora group experiments to supply to our customers high quality electrodes and technical solution in general.