Talent development

We keep our highest focus on developing our people, helping them achieve their career goals. We map competencies and talents. We recognize and value the technical competencies that are the fuel of the great technologies and solutions we offer to our customers, with dedicated career ladders. We design tailor-made training programs based on the concept of Leadership De Nora's way. We support job rotation and international mobility. We are a multicultural company present in 4 Continents, committed to being aware of cultural differences and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Continuous people development is the secret of our success!

Continuous people development is the secret of our success!

Behind the great quality of our technologies are talented people! Starting with a great recruiting experience, De Nora is committed to helping you get to know and listen to yourself, discover your talents, and follow your passions. Energized employees foster the success of the entire team.

New opportunities continually arise within our growing team. Job rotation, as well as regional and international mobility, provide additional growth opportunities. Our De Nora Academy is in place to ensure continuous learning at your convenience.

We strongly encourage a culture of feedback from everyone.

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