Corporate Social Responsibility

De Nora has built a reputation for excellence, integrity and people care that is the cornerstone of our success.

Regardless of challenges, we’ll continue to live and operate by the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability. We’ve always held a firm belief that the best way to be a great company and to deliver value to our customers, employees, partners and suppliers, stakeholders and shareholders is to be fair, honest and ethical in our business practices and personal behavior at work.

Our corporate activity is governed by national and local laws and statutes that place a range of obligations on De Nora and its employees throughout the world. De Nora manages its business responsibly and in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Not just a responsibility, but our life’s work

At De Nora, we are committed to improving our customers' environmental performance. And we do that by developing and implementing applications that help customers reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve their environmental performance.

Doing more with less

We are using our resources to develop innovative technologies that drive economic growth and social value, all while using fewer natural resources and less energy.

Water and clean technologies

We are committed to the sustainable use of water and continuous improvement of water management.

Fondazione Oronzio e Niccolò De Nora

The Fondazione Oronzio e Niccolò De Nora promotes scientific research in the fields of applied electrochemistry by granting international fellowships and awards, assisting in the organization of international conferences and building cooperation relationships with Italian and foreign universities.