Our Organization

De Nora is committed to developing innovative technological solutions and providing efficient processes, to address worldwide changes related to resource scarcity, while reducing environmental impact. We focus our investments and research initiatives to deal with selected global megatrends, with a focus on energy transition and water reuse/recycle, supporting our customers and partners in their industries.


De Nora is organized into three businesses aligned to the needs of our customers with legal entities, offices, laboratories, production facilities, and service centers strategically located around the world:

Electrode technologies - the historical core business of De Nora

Water technologies - the natural extension of electrochemical solutions 

Hydrogen technologies - the future of electrochemical business

Industrie De Nora S.p.A., the original company founded in 1923 by Oronzio De Nora, is the holding company and headquarters of the De Nora Group, which establishes, supports, and coordinates the strategic guidelines through its Corporate Functions.

Corporate Functions

De Nora Corporate functions define the global strategy and objectives of all business lines, supporting the implementation and management of local activities in all companies around the world. The headquarters is responsible for managing business growth and driving continuous improvement, by communicating and implementing best practices within all departments: Sales and Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Technical Support, Global Procurement, and Supply Chain.