Our Organization

Since 1923 De Nora endeavored to excel in electrochemical processes, combining economic success, respect for the environment and social responsibility in a unique value proposition. Through focused research and continuous innovation, we support our partners and customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of our society. In this respect De Nora expanded its activities to the water treatment industry, adding advanced disinfection and filtration technologies to the electrochemical systems.

De Nora aims to further consolidate its position as the world’s leading provider of electrochemical products and services and to strengthen its role of “Partner of Choice”, offering advanced water treatment technologies.

De Nora’s vision is re-stating the company legacy: develop and continuously improve proprietary electrochemical technologies, deliver efficient processes and energy-saving solutions, address worldwide challenges related to resource scarcity, reduce the impact on the environment, extend the business reach beyond its traditional end markets with a special focus on energy transition and water re-use / recycle to build future growth.

We are committed to developing innovative products as a competitive and viable solution to the world’s growing needs: we focus our investments and research initiatives to address selected global megatrends for a sustainable business preserving the environment and the planet.

Structure and organization

De Nora is organized into businesses aligned with our customer needs with legal entities, offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and service centers strategically located across the world. 
Industrie De Nora S.p.A., the original company founded in 1923 by Oronzio De Nora, is the holding company and headquarters of the De Nora Group, coordinating, supporting and establishing the strategic guidelines through its Corporate Functions. 

The business is organized in two business lines:

Electrode technologies - the core business on which the company was established in 1923 by Oronzio De Nora

Water technologies - a natural extension of electrochemical solutions for water disinfection and advanced oxidation processes, the Water Technologies line addresses all issues related to water with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for filtration and disinfection.

Corporate Functions

Industrie De Nora S.p.A., through its Corporate functions, controls, manages and coordinates the overall business such as strategy definition and implementation, target market and product portfolio management, R&D activities including IP management, sales and technical assistance to clients, operations, manufacturing and supply chain, administration and finance, quality control and EHS.  
In a nutshell, a corporate function, managed by a chief officer, is a team in charge of defining strategic and tactical direction in its area of competence; leading the professional families; defining, communicating and implementing best practices; and managing continuous improvement of activities  in the following areas:  

  • Human Resources 
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Product Management 
  • Research and Development
  • Intellectual Property
  • Production Technology 
  • Operations 
  • Global Procurement & supply chain
  • Administration Finance and Control
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Legal Advice
  • Merger & Acquisition and Integration