De Nora: E-News - November 2018

The De Nora Water Technologies newsletter delivers tips, best practice, and sound advice from evaluating a new technology to effective system operation and maintenance.

In this issue:

Case Study: Wastewater plant in Como, Italy, upgrades to De Nora Ozone for significant savings

Reducing energy and maintenance costs, expanding treatment capabilities in the heart of the fabric district  Read more here


Delving into De Nora’s water disinfection systems

Having recently sealed the deal to supply 10 water disinfection as well as oxidation, filtration and electrochlorination solutions for 10 water treatment plants in Hong Kong S.A.R., De Nora proves its ability to deliver innovative solutions to its clients worldwide.

Water and Wastewater Asia magazine spoke to Makoto Okura, representative managing director, electrode technologies business, to take a deeper look at De Nora’s CECHLO®- On-site Chlorine Generation (OSCG) technology and future plans for the business

To read the article click here .


Case Study: From wastewater to (almost) tap water

How De Nora Water Technologies helped Northumbrian Water (United Kingdom) to achieve outstanding results in the quality of its effluent. Read more here

Case Study: Lush Valley in Mojave Desert Successfully Removing Arsenic with De Nora SORB33® Arsenic Removal Systems Since 2009

When the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) mandated that drinking water utilities achieve a new, lower arsenic level by January 2006, the Nevada Department of Environmental Quality set the January 2009 deadline extension for rural water districts in the state, including MVWD. Read more here to see how the problem was tackled in the Moapa Valley.

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Product promotion: ClorTec DN Gen II Brine Electrochlorination 

In each issue, we feature a new product development or promotional offering that making a difference to our customers' operations. In issue 3, our focus is on the latest generation of on-site sodium hypochlorite generators, the ClorTec DN Gen II systems.


De Nora ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems have been designed, manufactured, installed, operated and serviced since 1995 and are based on 95 years of electrochemical excellence. ClorTec® systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution, a chlorine equivalent, using three common consumables: salt, water and electricity.

The latest development, launched in October 2018 at WEFTEC in New Orleans is the ClorTec DN Gen II range. The new solution offers a range of features designed to ensure the best efficiency, safety and easiest operation on the market.

  • Market-driven new features
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • 100% access to every component
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Control precision and efficiency of systems
  • Unique split flow option and new water/brine flow controls optimize operating cost efficiency
  • Footprint reduced by up to 50%

DE NORA ClorTec® Gen II on-site sodium hypochlorite generators


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